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Olympian Abdi Abdirahman racing Father Time facebook sharing button Sharetwitter sharing button Tweetlinkedin sharing button Sharemessenger sharing button Sharewhatsapp sharing buttonemail sharing button Thursday July 1, 2021 Abdi Abdirahman’s career has turned into a marathon. The Somalia born distance runner, who attended Tucson High School, Pima College, and the University of Arizona. competed in four straight Olympics. However, he was unable to compete in the 2016 games due to a calf injury. “It was very difficult,” said Abdirahman. “It’s not the easiest. It’s something that you work every four years as an athlete, and I didn’t get to the starting lineup. It was a real disappointment/” advertisements Abdirahman quickly came back with a third place finish in the New York City marathon. “That just proved that I still had it.” But as the 2020 Olympics got postponed due to COVID, Abdirahman had to slow down again. This time, it was to write a book, “Abdi’s World, the Black Cactus on Life.” “If I can motivate anyone to keep up their dreams, that would be great. That’s the reason I write.” Now, 44, Abdirahman has qualified for the Tokyo Olympic games. He’s the oldest U.S.A. runner to ever make an Olympic team. “It’s not something I talk about at this moment because I don’t want any distraction.” While it may not be a distraction, Abdirahman is getting extra attention. The Tucsonsan is now racing not just his competitors, but Father Time as well. “Maybe it’s something I’ll look back on when I’m retired from competition. I consider myself an elite athlete. I don’t know about age.” Police in Mogadishu nab six robbery suspects – HOL Somali Heritage Week inspires hope for the next generation – Fee cut in women’s nomination forms for Somali polls hailed – Anadolu Agency Somalia, Kenya discuss deepening ties after end of rift – Anadolu Agency AMISOM supports the delivery of lifesaving assistance to Jowhar families – AMISOM Somalia Opposition Welcomes Election Plan, but Security Threats Remain – VOA Turkish ambassador meets top Somali officials – Anadolu Agency Click here HomeEmail Opinion

Abdi Abdirahman’s career has turned into a marathon. The Somalia born distance runner, who attended…