Feb 16 2018 13:00
Bakhtiyar Hasanov
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The Munich Security Conference kicks off on Friday. This year’s focus is on the European Union and its future role as a global actor, military conflicts in Europe and the Middle East, the problem of control of arms and tensions over North Korea. Azerbaijani parliamentarian Rasim Musabayov considers that the Munich conference is an important platform for solving global problems.

 “Traditionally it is considered that the economic pulse of the planet is determined in Davos, but everything related to security, the most urgent problems, world trends, they are formed at the Munich Conference on Security. It shows how the world sees itself, where it is moving, and how it meets the interests of the U.S., the EU, China and Russia,” Rasim Musabayov said.

The main feature of political Davos is often called the opportunity to both express yourself and listen to the opinions of others. At the Munich Conference, world leaders can sometimes go beyond established dry formulations, and call things by their proper names. Azerbaijan will also offer its views on ways to solve global problems.

 “Certainly, the attitude and opinion of Azerbaijan is very important on Afghan Transit issue. As for energy security, of course, Azerbaijani projects and opinions are taken into account in a certain sense. Well, in any case, leaving such a platform free and not participating in it is completely wrong,” Rasim Musabayov added.

This year the country is represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Elmar Mammadyarov. According to Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hikmat Hajiyev, the country has been participating in this major political conference for several years and undoubtedly makes an important contribution to the dialogue on peace and security in the region.

“The Azerbaijani Republic actively manifests itself in ensuring security and preserving peace. Azerbaijan plays an important role in preserving peace throughout the South Caucasus region. Also, Azerbaijan is of great importance in the fight against terrorism, suppressing the drug trafficking and preventing illegal migration. At the same time, Azerbaijan plays an important role in ensuring energy security. After the launch of the TANAP and TAP projects, Azerbaijan’s opportunities in this matter will expand,” Hikmat Hajiyev said.

In Munich, Elmar Mammadyarov will not only bring Azerbaijan’s position on global issues to the participants of the meeting, but also hold a number of bilateral meetings with representatives of other states and major international organizations. According to the deputy of the Azerbaijani parliament Rasim Musabayov, these meetings are of considerable interest for the Azerbaijani side.

Truthful information about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is systematically brought to the international community on various platforms and the Munich Conference is one of them. Speaking about the realities of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, Azerbaijan notes that despite obvious military superiority, it stands for a peaceful settlement of the conflict. After all, while the occupant country is trying to cope with its internal political and economic problems, Azerbaijan is increasing regional leadership, economic and political stability, and participation in the fight against international terrorism. It is these factors that make Azerbaijan not just a participant in the security conference, but a country that forms and maintains this security.

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