Facts About DP world investment deal with Somaliland

Facts About DP world investment deal with Somaliland

DP world investment deal with Somaliland has generated unlimited opportunities to Somaliland economic growth as this has generated foreign capital, promoted Somaliland diplomatic status quo and encouraged other investors to investment in Somaliland.  Following are facts about DP investment with Somaliland.


  No. Facts About DP world investment deal with Somaliland
1. US $ 442 million investment deal
2. 30-year lease agreement
3. 51 % DP world stake, 30 % Somaliland and 19 % Ethiopia.
4. US 110 million investment as Berbera corridor road
5. 12 square kilometer greenfield economic zone
6. Somaliland will capture minimum 30 % Ethiopia trade traffic
7 Modern tugs been bought and added the fleet machinery of the port
8 Modern mobile cranes with lifting capacity of 120 tons have added  to port fleet machinery
9 The port can handle with 3 days any size of containerized ships in view heavy duty mobile cranes bought by the port.
10 In view of training the port employees, port accidents close zero occurrences
11 The operational performances very much to world standards.
12 The port employees  are under constant training  to equip them the latest port technology
13 Heavy salary increase for the port staff
14 Transfer of new technology
15 The port employees acquired  port education and management improvement
16 Increase of job opportunists
17 Encomia growth to Somaliland
18  As good morality improve efficiency and performances, the morality of port employees have greatly boosted
19. The port employees have proper work contract included work insurances within work area.
20 The port employees matches with international standards
21 Once the free zone is completed, the structure  of somaloland port of Berbera will different than its current structure as the heavy investment will change the landscape of the city as the freestone will attract hundreds of companies  that will bring heavy investment
22 Berbera freestone is modeled typically like  Jebel Ali
23 The deal has generated strategic partners and close friends  with Somalian
24 Generated second income to somaliland.
25. The port operational performance has increased by 40 %.
26 The size of the port will be greatly increased to meet the growing demand
27. The investment deal will convert Berbera as a major shipping and logistic hub in horn of Africa
29. The investment deal has proved somaliland strategic location
30. DP world investment in Somaliland has generated an influx of foreign capital and promoted Somaliland diplomatic status quo
31 The Berbera Free Zone will offer global opportunities to foreign investors in Somaliland
32 The deal will bring back and highlight the commercial position and importance of the Port of Berbera port as the entrances gateway of the red sea, Bab-Al-Mandeb and canal Suez.
33 The free zone  will attract employers and thus reduce poverty and unemployment and stimulate the area’s economy
34 Berbera investment deal will deepen the strategic ties between Somaliland, Gulf Arab neighbours and Ethiopia
35 Border towns that the Corridor will pass through such as Waajale will see increased and sustained business activity
36 The deal is expected to provide an economic boost to the Horn of Africa and the other land-locked countries along the east coast by turning the port into a regional trade and logistics hub
37 The investment deal between Somaliland and DP world has captured and attracted the international media coverage
38 The deal will improves human resource
39 The port is operating 24/7 while the port was working before 10 hours in a day.
40 Berbera will see amount of increased traffic in view of port deal that will generate business boom and also will open a new global port operator an alternative hub to Djibouti in the Horn of Africa
41 The deal has partially broken the glass ceiling of international recognition for Somaliland
42. DP world Somaliland has contributed heavily the living conditions for Berbera local population.
43 DP world employees have acquired new skills and potential work experiences
44 DP world will modernise Berbera port to handle the largest containerized ships
45 DP world investment deal with Somaliland has encouraged other investors to investment in Somaliland
46. Berbera corridor road project will improve Somaliland road Infrastructure as asphalt paved roads is the tallest pillar for national economy growth.

Asphalt paved roads provides increased mobility for people,  Safer travel, reduced fuel usage, reduced vehicle maintenance costs, increased safety, satisfaction, and pride among local residents reduction in commercial transportation costs.47Berbera corridor project has boosted the local economy and generated job opportunists for somaliland job market48Influencing DP world investing in Somaliland is political and economic gain to somaliland.49The investment deal has changed the life style of the local population50DP world investment in Berbera has put Somaliland into world political and geographical map.51Berbera new container terminal will open the port as regional logistic hub and gateway to international markets52Berbera  new port will improve  competitive advantage of our port

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